flying business class

If you don’t know what to expect when flying business or first class, it’s easy to miss out on the wide number of sweet perks before, during, and after your flight.

I’m talking everything from 5-course meals, to car service coordination, and even Linkedin learning courses (this one surprises many people).

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 22 perks and amenities you can expect when flying first or business class.

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Concierge Services Perks

Perk #1) Accelerated check-in

There’s nothing more stressful than standing in check-in lines as you watch the clock tick dangerously close to your boarding time.

Fortunately, many airlines offer accelerated check-in as one of their business class perks.

For example, American Airlines automatically grants business class flyers Priority Perks.

When you arrive at the airport, simply bypass the long lines and look for signs designating certain lines as “priority.”

Priority lines often have little to no wait, so you can move along quickly without stressing about missing your flight.

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Perk #2) Expedited baggage handling

expedited baggage handling

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll be eager to get on with your trip. Avoid waiting around for your luggage by taking advantage of the expedited baggage handling often included as a business class perk.

This is one of the simplest business class travel tips to take advantage of for a faster, easier experience in the airport, so don’t forget to check with your airline for this perk when booking your next flight!

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Perk #3) Private check-in & personal TSA screener

Airports are often packed with people, and the traditional process of checking in and making your way to the terminal affords no privacy whatsoever.

Some business class flyers opt for a private airport check-in service that makes arriving for a commercial flight feel more like showing up for a flight on a private jet.

If you decide to pay a bit extra for this service, you can expect to enjoy complete privacy for your security screening, plus a car tarmac transfer to and from your private lounge, where you can relax while immigration procedures and luggage handling are taken care of for you.

This is the ideal experience for any business class flyers looking to stay out of the public eye.

Perk #4) Personal escort through the airport terminal

If you’re looking for an excellent business class flight experience but don’t need a fully private check-in, consider booking a personal escort on your next flight.

With this concierge service—an add-on often available to those flying business class international or domestic—a personal escort will accompany you throughout the airport for expedited check-in and security.

This extra support is a helpful service for those needing assistance with their baggage, traveling with children, or seeking assistance for an elderly loved one.

Perk #5) Car service coordination

executive class flights

When you’re flying business class and planning ahead for the arrival at your destination, car service coordination (also known as executive car transfers) can ensure a smooth experience even after you leave the airport.

With this paid business class perk, you can enjoy private transportation for inter-terminal transfers and to your destination upon arrival.

This service minimizes time in the airport and ensures an easier overall travel experience for business class flyers.

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Perk #6) Meeting & conference rooms

Did you know you can conduct meetings in the airport by reserving conference rooms ahead of time? If you fly business class often, this perk makes it easy to fly in and out for meetings.

Rather than spending time traveling to a meeting space in the city, arrange for your meetings to take place at the airport.

This will allow you to get on your next flight sooner, so you can maximize your time and conduct important business on the go.

Perk #7) Personal Shopper

Whether you need help locating a particular type of shop in the airport or simply want someone else to do the searching while you relax in a lounge, personal shoppers make it easy to take advantage of airport shops.

As a business class flyer, consider booking this service to take care of any shopping or errands while you unwind or answer emails before boarding your flight.

Dining Perks

Airline food often gets a bad rap, but it’s pretty safe to say those complaining must not fly business class!

As a business class flyer, you enjoy access to top-tier dining perks that include business class meal menus, often designed by executive chefs to incorporate seasonal ingredients from local farmers and give you a delicious taste of local cuisine.

Perk #8) Regional specialties

Why wait until you reach your destination to enjoy the local cuisine? Many airlines offer delicious regional specialties as a perk for business class flyers.

From pasta dishes and pan-seared chicken to filet of beef and smoked salmon, you can enjoy all sorts of incredible dishes when traveling business class. Bon appetit!

Perk #9) Five-course meals

Executive Class Flights

Don’t settle for snacks when you can feast on your flight. Especially if you’re flying business class international, check with your airline to see if five-course meals are available on your flight.

This is one of those business class travel tips that can make flying downright luxurious, even if you’re spending many hours in the air.

Some airlines require you to reserve business class meals in advance, so check into details ahead of time to ensure you don’t miss out.

Perk #10) Arrival dining service

When you arrive at your destination after a long international business class flight, the last thing you want to do is wander around in search of a good meal.

Fortunately, many airlines offer arrival dining service as a perk for business class flyers, so you can enjoy a great meal in the airport, then embark on the rest of your journey energized and ready for whatever your travels may hold.

Perk #11) Sommelier services

Executive Class Flights

If you’re flying business class and aren’t sure what to expect, this perk is sure to calm any flight-related nerves.

Some airlines now offer sommelier services to ensure business class flyers enjoy access to the best wines, expertly paired with in-flight meals.

Take a look at the sommelier’s selections on your next business class flight, then sip and relax as you travel in style.

Perk #12) Diet-specific custom meal reservations

Living a keto, vegan, or gluten-free lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the fabulous in-flight dining available to business class flyers.

Nearly all airlines offer an array of meal options to accommodate a variety of diets.

Just be sure to notify your airline at least 48 hours before your flight so they can prepare a delicious meal just for you!

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Entertainment Perks

Flights can be extremely long, which is why you need a healthy dose of entertainment to pass the time.

When you fly business class, you’re sure to find a way to keep yourself busy. Here’s a few perks that will make your flight more enjoyable.

Perk #13) Noise-canceling headsets

It’s impossible to control your fellow passengers, and a loud talker or fussy infant can make for a long flight—unless you have a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Fortunately, many airlines offer these headsets as a business class perk.

For example, JetBlue provides hand-crafted Grado SR60e headphones to ensure an excellent experience for their business class flyers.

Next time a nearby passenger gets noisy, simply slip on your provided pair of noise-canceling headsets for some peace and quiet, and you may even enjoy sleeping in business class!

Perk #14) LinkedIn learning courses

Every seasoned traveler knows that movies are available as part of in-flight entertainment options, but did you know Delta and other airlines also provide LinkedIn learning courses to business class flyers?

You can choose from thousands of courses on stress management productivity, career development, and more.

Use this business class travel tip to return from your travels refreshed and inspired to reach new heights in your career.

Perk #15) DIRECTV

Flying business class can be a great way to relax before or after your business trip or vacation.

If you really want to feel at home in the air, check your in-flight entertainment center to access new release movies, rewatch episodes of your favorite show, or even tune in to more than 100 DIRECTV channels.

Perk #16) Apple Music

Long gone are the days when your listening playlist was limited to the songs you remembered to download before flying.

Today’s business class flyers can enjoy access to 50 million songs with free streaming of Apple music on some in-flight entertainment centers.

Search for your favorite artist or just hit play on a curated playlist to enjoy your favorite music throughout your flight.

Perk #17) SiriusXM

If you don’t see Apple music on your in-flight entertainment center, don’t give up on relaxing to music on your flight.

You may be traveling business class on an airline that offers in-flight SiriusXM instead.

Plug in those noise-canceling headsets and browse over 100 channels of ad-free radio for the perfect background noise as you rest or work. (The right radio station can be just the thing if you’re hoping to sleep in business class!)

Working While Flying

The world doesn’t stop while you’re up in the sky, but with these next business class perks, you don’t have to miss a thing.

From charging ports to premium wi-fi, it’s easier than ever to stay connected and get work done on your business class international and domestic flights.

Perk #18) Universal charging ports

If you’ll be using your laptop, phone, or tablet in the air, you may need to plug in to stay productive throughout the flight.

Fortunately, business class flyers can expect access to universal power outlets for charging their devices mid-flight on most airplanes. If you don’t see a port right away, a flight attendant should be able to assist you in locating your personal outlet.

Perk #19) Additional USB ports

Especially if you’re traveling business class international, it can be hard to know when you’ll get another chance to charge your devices.

Maximize the opportunity to do so during your flight by utilizing the additional USB ports. This simple business class perk ensures you arrive at your destination fully charged and ready to go.

Perk #20) Premium Wi-fi

Did you know you can check your email, scan the headlines, and update your social media, all while soaring 35,000 feet above the ground?

Thanks to the premium wi-fi available as a business class perk on some flights, you can now do all this and more.

If you’re hoping to work on your next business class flight, check for wi-fi availability to instantly turn the airplane into your temporary office.

Unforgettable Amenity Kits

Flying business class not only makes for a smoother flight—but it also sets you up for a smoother travel experience altogether!

Most airlines now offer unforgettable amenity kits to ensure you have all the basics you need while traveling (plus a little bit more!).

Before you disembark from your next business class flight, make sure you stash the amenity kit in your carry-on. You may be surprised at all the luxury products that little kit can hold!

Perk #21) The Basics (But Better)

Because airlines want to make a positive impression on business class flyers, many offer incredible amenity kits as a business class perk.

Amenity kits commonly include travel-size toiletries and other useful items, but these aren’t your run-of-the-mill hotel shampoo bottles.

Peek inside the amenity kit on your next flight, and you just may find samples of luxurious brands beautifully packaged to fit nicely in your carry-on.

Perk #22) The Best Premium Amenity Collections

In recent years, airlines have even begun competing with another to provide the best premium amenity kit to their business class flyers.

United’s amenity kits feature high-end skincare products and Saks-Fifth Avenue luxury bedding for long-haul international flights. Business class flyers who choose Delta may receive a TUMI hard-case amenity kit monogrammed to double as a personalized souvenir.

Hawaiian Airlines and JetBlue have partnered with Sig Zane and Hayward & Hopper, respectively, to offer luxury brands to their business class flyers as well. Think twice before leaving the amenity kit behind on your next flight, as you just may find one of these premium gifts inside!

As a business class flyer, you’ll enjoy all sorts of incredible perks before, during, and after your flight.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune on business class tickets!

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