Last Minute Travel Deals

40% To 70% Off Published Prices

Booking flights on short notice can be stressful for anyone, especially someone who needs to book a first class or business class ticket. If you’re looking for last minute travel deals, look no further than Executive Class Travel. Our company has been in business since 1992 offering last minute airfare for flyers. Those that choose to use Executive Class Travel for their last minute travel deals experience the best online rates for first and business class fares. They also have the privilege of receiving up to 70 percent off of normal published fares. This means that travelers experience a significant decrease in travel costs allowing them to use their money for other expenses such as a rental car, dining, and other such amenities while away from home.

Executive Class Travel offers its flyers the availability to fly in comfort and style. Our company offers last minute travel deals that allow business flyers to take full advantage of the deals found exclusively on our site. For those that find another, more affordable deal, don’t settle, Executive Class Travel has a 100 percent price match guarantee. Flyers can’t beat the quality and friendliness of the flight consultants who make last minute airfare easy and accessible. The flight consultants are also readily available to answer any and all questions at 1-866-950-2200. The flight consultants are highly qualified and deal with high-ranking clients on a regular basis. They are also fast and efficient. If you’re still unsure about last minute travel deals with Executive Class Travel, we offer a free quote for comparison purposes.

Executive Class Travel has flexible payment options. The ability to have multiple ways to pay, including personal checks and all major credit cards, is backed by the fact that Executive Class Travel is a PayPal verified business. Ensuring safety and security to our clients is first and foremost when it comes to the purchase of last minute airfare. These payment options not only making travel easy but stress-free as well. Anyone who flies regularly can attest to the necessity of the reduction in stress, particularly if business work is involved. Therefore, flying first or business class offers flyers access to pre-boarding lounge services and other comfortable amenities before and during their flight. Therefore, obtaining a last minute travel deal through Executive Class Travel means one can let go of other worries and arrive at their destination well prepared for the days ahead.

Traveling with Executive Class Travel means affordable last minute travel deals. These deals come with a company guarantee who has more than twenty years’ experience in customer service. Their expertise in last minute airfare means flyers get the best deal every time. To learn more visit If the information you’re looking for can’t be found on our website, give our flight consultants a call at 1-866-950-2200. They will be happy to answer any questions and direct you through the process of booking your next first or business class flight!